About Us

Inspired and Supported equally by our angels and their foundations:

  • Christopher J. Morrissey Foundation
  • James Volpe Foundation
  • Joey Amato Foundation
  • Kyleigh Sousa Foundation

The Center has been designed to provide a warm, peaceful environment where we offer Traditional, Spiritual, and Physical grief healing Support and Services to those affected by the loss of a child.

  • Individual/Group Sessions scheduled by Appointment
  • Daytime and Evening Hours available


We hope in some small, but meaningful way, we can offer you moments of serenity to soften the burden of your loss and, Hope, Peace and Light in your darkest hours.

“…I did not know that she could go away. I did not know that she could go away, and take our lives with her, yet leave our dull-bodies behind…I am a pauper. How am I to comprehend this? How am I to have it? why am I robbed, and who is benefited? I am working, but it is for the sake of the work-the “surcease of sorrow” that is found there.”

-Mark Twain, fellow bereaved parent: aka Sam Clemens in a letter to his dear friend after the death of his daughter, Susy.