Group Services

Mothers of Angels:

Mothers of Angels is a support group for mothers who have lost a child. The group was founded by Karen Zitzow-Montenegro after the tragic death of her own daughter, Kyleigh Sousa. At Mothers of Angels, we try to help grieving mothers cope with the unimaginable pain they face daily after losing a child.

There are no age limits, causes or conditions related to the child that has passed. The only commonality is the loss of their child and the daily struggle of trying to go on. Only another grieving mother can understand the life altering emotional and physical challenges the death of their child brings to them, their family and friends. The meetings are open discussions facilitated by Karen and co-facilitated by all our moms. Karen is not a licensed therapist and only shares her first hand knowledge of the grief she suffers daily. The goal of the group is to meet women that understand, support and encourage grieving mothers on their own grief journey.

Mothers of Angels meet every Tuesday night at The Center of Hope, Peace & Light, 254 Brick Boulevard, Suite 7, Brick, NJ, 08723. Please call the Center of Hope, Peace & Light at 732-262-5210 for more information. You may also visit our FaceBook page @ mothersofangelsbricknj.


The Center will offer regular workshops both at the Center and Off-Site. Each will be facilitated by our professional and talented practitioners. We will offer age-specific as well as open workshops. Each workshop will target a specific audience and will include healing for that particular age level. There will be workshops that will be targeted for those from 2 to 102. We hope to reach everyone who has been affected by the loss of a child. Please visit our website or come to the Center in person for a Monthly Calendar of Events.