Non-Denominational Spiritual Services

Many people who have experienced a significant loss have turned to spiritual practices to find hope and healing. It is our intention to provide a variety of spiritual experiences through a non denominational approach. Reiki, yoga, meditation, crystal healing, and exploring the afterlife are just some of the services that will be offered at Center of Hope, Peace, and Light. There are fees for these services. Please call the Center for more information.

Stephanie Gunusen is a Reiki practitioner. She is honored to be a part of the process as each individual experiences their own healing journey. Her passion for helping others began as a young child and has grown through Meditation, Reiki, Medium-ship and working with her Spirit Guides. Assisting individuals to connect with what is blocking them in their life and providing them with the life guidance to move forward is very inspiring and keeps her moving forward on her own journey helping others. Stephanie is available for services on a regular basis.

Joanne Kelleher, CRMT, ACH is a Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Clinical Hypnocounselor, Guided Meditation, Past Life Exploration, Certified Thai Yoga Massage, Tarot Readings, Usui, White Light, Blue Light Seichim, Kundalini Reiki. Joanne’s vision is to bring self-awareness of the gifts and graces inside each individual as well as a collective whole. This is made possible by joining resources and practitioners within the healing community and spreading this Light energy locally and thereby universally. Joanne believes this energy source should be accessible to all in an effort to mutually co-create and expand the true nature of humanity and our ‘home’ to the highest intended potential.

Rich Braconi is a Spiritual Conduit between the Physical World and the Afterlife. Rich is a Spirit Medium, a Medical Intuitive and has developed the understanding of how to spiritually connect, receive and understand the universal truth. He was not born with any special gifts and is no different than anyone else. Several years ago, he decided to pursue his belief that within all of us exists a “divine presence”. If a divine presence truly existed, he was going to do his part to allow it to prove itself. By quieting his mind, his ability to sense all that was true and good was opened. His life was then guided in new directions. Slowly, everything began to change. The people he shared his life with changed and the clarity of what he understood changed. . Often, our faith to follow what we know to be true comes before the understanding of what we are following.

Adrienne Gammal, CCMT is a Certified Crystal Master Teacher working with the Crystal Kingdom for over 20 years. She is certified by Melody’s: “Love is in the Earth” program. She works with Crystals in many different ways: on the body for healing, balancing, grounding, and for everyday uses. In the business world, she has created special grids for corporate offices. She is also a Reiki Master Healer and a devoted yoga and meditation practitioner. She was Vice President and creator of the Crystal department for world famous East West Books in New York City. She holds monthly workshops on Crystals and Energy Healing both in New York City and New Jersey. She is also known for her Space Clearing techniques. You can Google her name and read more about her, in particular an article written by the NY Daily News. Most of all, she loves introducing everyone to the “Wonderful World of Crystals!”